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Sagging Ceilings. A Permanent Solution.

Fast & Efficient Sagging Ceiling Repairs.

A sagging ceiling can be a major source of frustration for homeowners.

Not only does it detract from the beauty of your home, but it can also indicate a serious structural issue.

Say Goodbye to your Ceiling Issues With Our Fast & Efficient Sagging Ceiling Re-Screw

what causes a ceiling to sag?

Sagging ceilings are often caused by a failure of the ceiling screws, nails and/or glue. But then what causes that?

 Common causes of a sagging ceiling are:

  • Water Damage/Leak
  • Overloading Spray-In Insulation
  • Improper installation
  • Age and rot
  • Excesive house movement
  • Among others

Ignoring a sagging ceiling can result in serious consequences. It could deteriate quickly and either collapse completely or sag so far its ‘past the point of no return’. Ignoring a sagging ceiling can also lead to:

  • Structural damage
  • Increased risk of collapse
  • Further sagging and deformity
  • Health hazards such as mold and mildew

we use and trust..

A Permanent Solution to Sagging Ceilings

A lift and re-screw is a permanent solution that can repair your sagging ceiling for good, and it prevents further damage.

This solution involves lifting the ceiling back into its original position and securing it with new coarse thread chipboard screws. We generally start screwing off @ 600mm apart but some ceilings need screws 400-450mm apart.

Once all the ceilings are lifted and screwed off, all the nail heads get 3 coats and then machine sanded flat & smooth. Once its painted, you basically have brand new ceilings. Stronger & flatter than the original.

The cornice around the perimeter of the room usually gets a few cracks here and there, but don’t worry, full cornice repair and restoration is included with our lift & re-screw package!

our GOOgle reviews

Thank you Steve for taking our shed and helping to create a space that we will enjoy now and into the future. Working with you on this project was an enjoyable experience for which we are very grateful.Highly recommend Complete Ceiling Services for your next project.

Bodie Czeladka Shed Conversion

Thank you Steve for your professionalism. You did a great job and at a good price. We were very happy with the work you did from start to finish. Would highly recommend. Look forward to having you back to do more work. Jacquie & Merv

Jacquie Kruger New Ceilings & Cornice

I want to sincerely thank Steve for his prompt and professional service. I couldn't recommend Complete Ceiling Services enough. Steve went above and beyond to repair our ceiling looks amazing, if your looking for some ceiling repairs these are your guys. Huge thank you 😊

Carol Malone Ceiling Repair

Great work Thank you ! Very happy with the quality of work and time frame involved. Steve went over and above and nothing was too much trouble. Highly recommended 👍 Below see some “before and after” shots

Jane O'Neill General Ceiling Repairs

Steve came at very short notice to do additional work before the painters came, and the job was finished to a very high standard, this is the 2nd time we have used Complete Ceilings and we are always really happy with the end results.

Ann Hemmings General Ceiling & Wall Repairs

Strong, flat & brand new

The list of benefits from our lift & re-screw package is enormous. Here are the most noticeable ones off the bat:

  • Appearance. The flat, modern, bright white new ceiling will just put a smile on your face.
  • Value. Thinking of listing? Restored ceilings are very attractive to potential buyers.
  • Thermal Rating. Insulation, whether it’s spray-in or batts, lines the ceiling to break the temperature between the roof and the room. A wonky ceiling breaks that seal.
  • Peace of Mind. Sagging ceilings pose a safety risk to everyone.  A lift & re-screw is permanent peace of mind for you and your family. 

So don’t delay! If you have noticed you need sagging ceiling repairs, let us sort it out for you. Its what we do!

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